Different Ways To Take CBD Oil

There are several different ways to take CBD oil. Each method has is strengths and weaknesses. Some people prefer different methods as a matter of personal preference. Some mix and match.

Here are some of the ways you can take CBD oil…


“Sublingual” means under your tongue. This is probably the most popular way to take CBD oil.

Place a drop of CBD oil under your tongue and wait for around 60 seconds for it to be absorbed into your system. CBD is absorbed directly into your bloodstream from capillary-rich areas under your tongue.

Many people use a pipette type thing that draws up a measured amount of CBD oil that can then be squeezed under your tongue. This allows you to accurately measure your doses..

The sublingual method allows for quick absorption as it goes directly into your blood stream. This is handy if you are treating something that you want quick relief from, such as pain or anxiety.

The bioavailability (amount actually absorbed by your body) of this method is thought to be around 20-30%.

The main downside to this method is taste. Some people don’t like the taste of CBD oil. However new flavours are starting to emerge to combat this.

Vaping CBDVaping

When vaping CBD oil, the CBD goes directly to your lungs where it is immediately absorbed by your body and into your blood stream.

This method is great for people who want quick relief, such as for anxiety or panic attacks for example.

The bioavailability is thought to be around 30-40%, making it more efficient than the sublingual route. But the bioavailability can drop drastically if you don’t inhale properly.

To receive maximum benefit, draw in about half a lungful. Of CBD Then continue to draw in another half a lungful of air. Then hold for a moment before exhaling. This ensures more CBD gets into your system.

There are also loads of different CBD flavours available to vape.


This method involves adding CBD to something that you eat. This might be gummies, cookies, capsules, soft drinks etc.

The CBD passes through your digestive tract, where it’s absorbed into your bloodstream, and travels throughout your body.

It takes much longer for the effects to kick in when taking orally because the CBD has to go through your digestive processes. But the effects last much longer. This is handy for treating insomnia.

The main problem with oral consumption of CBD oil is that it has a low bioavailability. Typically around 5-10%. So you need to take more with this method, which could end up costly.

It is also more difficult to assess your dosage requirements as it takes so long for the effects to kick in.


Topical means CBD oil applied directly to your skin in the form of a cream, lotion or balm. This is a great method for pain relief to a specific area. It’s also good for treating certain skin complaints in a specific area.

The cream is absorbed in a specific area, rather than in your blood stream. So it will only help you in a specific area.

This method is also good for treating muscular and joint pain. Some sufferers of arthritis prefer to rub CBD topically onto the affected area.

Many people get best results from combining topical with oral or vaping methods, in order to get a whole body effect.

Final Thoughts

The method you choose to take CBD oil is totally up to you. It depends on your personal preference, as well as what you’re trying to achieve.

Some people use a combination of different methods. Experiment and find what works best for you!

Written by

Jon Rhodes

Jon Rhodes is a clinical hypnotherapist, musician, and health and personal development enthusiast from the UK. He also runs www.HypnoBusters.Com