Does CBD Oil Help Sleep?

Does CBD Oil Help Sleep?Does CBD Oil Help Sleep?

For centuries people have been using cannabis to help them sleep.

Many millions of people around the world have used cannabis to help them sleep. And as you’ll see later, research has backed up that cannabis helps sleep. But there is a difference between cannabis and CBD oil ( also known as cannabidiol)…

Cannabis contains THC, which gives you the psychoactive “high”. This is often thought to be the part that helps people sleep. CBD oil contains little, or no THC, depending on which you buy.

Does CBD oil help sleep?

Research On THC And Sleep

Research has shown that THC does indeed help with sleep –

This backs up the long held view that THC in cannabis helps sleep.

But there is little or no THC in most CBD oil. Does CBD alone help with sleep?

Research On CBD Oil And Sleep

The following studies back up that CBD helps with sleep…

In this study, adult rats were shown to have an increased sleep time when given CBD oil –

In the following study, subjects receiving 160 mg of CBD oil reported having slept significantly more than those receiving placebo –

This study on CBD oil showed that no tolerance was detected on 1000 subjects tested over 4 years, when used for sleep and anxiety –

Final Thoughts

Does CBD Oil Help Sleep? It appears that CBD oil does help sleep. And without the psychoactive “high” of THC. CBD oil is also non addictive and has no damaging side effects – unlike most sleep medication.

Traditional sleep and pain medications usually develop a tolerance in the user. This means that you must use increasingly more in order to get the same benefits. CBD oil is shown not do do this. This means you can safely use the same dose for years.

CBD oil is also known to help with pain and anxiety, which are common causes of sleep disturbance. If you’re having trouble with sleep, then it is well worth you giving CBD oil a go. With no harmful side effects and no tolerance build up – you’ve nothing to lose!