CBD Oil And Its Effects On Epilepsy

CBD Oil and its effects on epilepsy…

Is CBD oil, or cannabidiol, the future of epilepsy treatment? It may very well be, with both scientific studies and anecdotal evidence supporting the use of CBD oil for treating epilepsy.

A lot has been made recently of CBD oil and the positive effects it can have for people with epilepsy, particularly those who suffer from regular seizures.

The FDA recently approved (June 26th, 2018) the first cannabis based epilepsy drug and the market is likely to grow from there. But how exactly do cannabidiols help people with this life-altering disease?

A 2003 study conducted at the Virginia Commonwealth University showed evidence that cannabidiol – a compound extracted from cannabis – activated certain receptors in the brain related to the memory and nervous system. This had the effect of greatly reducing the number of epileptic seizures suffered from patients.

From anecdotal evidence from epilepsy suffers, many have reported a huge reduction in the number of seizures they’ve had as well as an overall lessening of several other symptoms including shaking, anxiety and general confusion.

There is also increasing evidence of a link between epilepsy and inflammation in the brain.

CBD oil has proven to be a terrific anti-inflammatory in the brain as well as all around the body. For more on inflammation, click here.

So the future is looking very bright for people with epilepsy. CBD oil might not work for everyone (no medicine ever does) but the records so far look incredibly promising.